YOGA Homestay

Ban NamAom Yoga & Homestay.

Kur Aom’s little cottage in the forest. The project is inspired by Kru Aom’s love in Yoga.  It aims to take away you away from busy life and stress by getting back to the nature and immersing yourself in the yoga way of life to assure sustainable health. Pending on your interests and level of yoga expertise, we also offers various activities such as training and practice sessions for personal and group basis.

A simple resort relaxed, refreshed Homestay water passes Convenience and comfort. Camping available And Camp Fire.

Ban NamAom Yoga & Homestay will provide you with a great atmosphere  and experience of the natural way of life through local community. You can also experience the life of the villagers and the agricultural community. The farmers and the tourists will get a warm welcome.

Suggested tourist activities:

-Srisaket Province. It is located in the  northeast of Thailand, which is embraced by the rich history and culture of ethnic civilization. The Khmer combination with lifestyle and home northeast Thailand seamlessly such as Pha Mor E-Daeng cliff along a rocky nature. Thailand’s borders stick gum Sightseeing spots Phanom Dong Rak mountain range. The Khmer low and visible nerves Vihear. Situated 1 km away from Pha Mor E Daeng Buddha Temple National park. The villagers respect each other a lot.
Accommodation fee:

Room rate starts from THB 500 per night.

Camp grounds 400 baht per night.

Ban Nam Aom Yoga & Homestay is approximately 540 kilometers from Bangkok, Tourists can travel several ways by the private car, bus and train.

  1. The drive from Bangkok have two routes.

– Take Highway 1 (Phaholyothin) to Saraburi, turn right onto Highway 2 (Friendship) to Nakhon Ratchasima. Then take Route 226 through the intersection. Buriram province. The Surin, Si Sa Ket.

– Take Highway 1 (Phaholyothin) to Saraburi. Turn right onto Highway 2 (Friendship) to the district eyebrow Highway 24 (Chokchai – Det) through. Chokchai district Rong district Sangkhla the turn. left to City Sisaket

  1. By bus A Bus Transport Company and the Private BANGKOK – Ket. From bus station Northern Line (Mo Chit 2) Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road every day, several times a day and takes about 8-9 hours. If the details on the web. Shipping Limited Tel 1490.
  2. Train Railway of Thailand offers a train from Bangkok Railway Station (MRT) to. E. Sa Ket every day fast Express and Special Express takes about 9-11 hours, please contact the State Railway of Thailand Tel. 1690 or


Home with new bedding and amenities as well.

more events

– Morning Yoga practice boosting your life.

– Morning walk in local market

– Feeding fish

– Cycling

– visiting mushroom farm

–  Massage therapy .
More information on Ban Nam Aom Yoga & Homestayel.

083-7761818 Kru Aom